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The quality expectations for Wedding Videography in Los Angeles is at an all-time high. From “same-day edits” to wedding highlights that seem more like movie previews than traditional wedding videography, the artistry and creativity is expected to be at its highest in the videography industry, especially in the Los Angeles area.

With our photography, we consider ourselves story tellers; and that’s the same approach we have for wedding videography. We move away from the idea that videography is just a chronological compilation of wedding day events and toward the idea that videography is the art of telling a love story. From the song choice to the artistic selection of the scene order, everything comes together with modern wedding videography to tell stories of love, families, and celebrations.

In every videography package, Lin and Jirsa delivers two wedding cinematography products:

  • The first is an artistic edit highlight reel of your wedding day.
  • We also create a documentary film of the entire day that ranges from 30 mintues to an hour that covers all of the main events from the wedding, from the ceremony to the toasts.

** For more information, please call or email us using the information on our contact page.

*** Our most recent videos can be seen on our blog. Click here for our most recent Orange County and Los Angeles Wedding Videography work.

Click for Examples of our Videography

Christine and Pete Wedding Video Highlight

Tim and Angela Wedding Video Highlight



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