Much like Orange County, Los Angeles has many diverse backgrounds to offer for your engagement session. The highlight is the beautiful skyline of Los Angeles as well as unique art structures like LACMA and stylish hotels like the Viceroy. Check out some of our recent engagement shoots on our blog!

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As you view the locations below, notice that we have indicated a traffic/crowd ratings of low, medium and high. Here’s what they mean:
Low*:  Low traffic areas a great because we have the freedom use any area at any time without having to wait for crowds to clear. Some clients also feel much more comfortable in these locations without onlookers.
Medium**: Medium traffic areas can sometimes be busy depending on the weather and day of the week. If it happens to be busy, we may get fewer shots because we have to wait for certain spots to open up.
High***: Shooting here can be a challenge because of the many tourists and photographers utilizing the same space. As a high traffic location, expect fewer photos because of longer wait times for clear shots.

Engagement Pictures In Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles has a variety of great locations for your engagement sessions including LA Library, Angel Flight, Disney Concert Hall and Grand Central Market are great locations to hit while shooting in downtown LA. The city lights make for great engagement sessions at night.

Best time to visit: Anytime of the year but expect more people in the summer months
Permit Fees: None
Travel Fees: Travel Fees May Apply
Traffic/Crowds:  High***

Engagement Pictures At The Los Angeles Arboretum

Diverse, beautiful landscapes make LA Arboretum engagement sessions unique. From bamboo forests to waterfalls to even African-like landscapes, this place is a photographer’s playground.

Best time to visit: Anytime of the year, but expect more people in the summer months.
Optional 2nd Locations: Typically this location provides for enough variety in settings that we do not move to a second location.
Permit Fees: $50 at the door & $9/person admissions fee
Travel Fees: Travel Fees May Apply
Traffic/Crowds: Medium**
Note: Clients will be responsible for paying the admissions fee for the photographer and the assistant. Also, the Arboretum’s door closes at 4:30PM but we are allowed to stay until 5PM so please plan your session accordingly.

Engagement Pictures At The Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory and Park make for great photos during the day, sunset and at night. The building over looks the Downtown Los Angeles skyline and gets a clear view of the Hollywood sign, great backdrops for engagement photos. The nearby park is also an option to switch up your backdrops.

Best time to visit: All Year 
Optional 2nd Location: The combination of the nearby hiking trails as well as the observatory itself make leaving for a second location unnecessary.
Permit Fees: None
Travel Fees: Travel Fees May Apply
Traffic/Crowds: Medium**

Engagement Pictures In Santa Monica

This is the best beach to shoot at in LA, located next to the Santa Monica Pier. 3rd street promenade is within walking distance and is a great location for night shots. Pictures on the pier make for awesome lifestyle shoots as well. The Santa Monica Pier has many games, rides and yummy funnel cakes for you to take advantage of during your engagement session.

Best time to visit: Anytime of the year, but expect more people in the summer months.
Optional 2nd Locations: 3rd Street Promenade, Viceroy
Permit Fees: Permit Required but Free
Travel Fees: Travel Fees May Apply
Traffic/Crowds: High***

Engagement Pictures At Greystone Mansion

This Beverly Hills staple is the perfect location for an editorial styled shoot. The inner courtyard and lush, green gardens make for a gorgeous backdrop. Greystone Mansion is located near the infamous Rodeo Drive.

Best time to visit: All Year
Optional 2nd locations: Downtown Pasadena
Permit Fees: $305/hr
Travel Fees: Travel Fees May Apply
Traffic/Crowds: Low*

Engagement Pictures At Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena City Hall has become quite a popular location Los Angeles engagement location. The beautiful architecture has made this one of our favorite locations to shoot at.

Best time to visit: All Year
Optional 2nd locations: Oldtown Pasadena
Permit Fees: $75 day pass
Travel Fees: Travel Fees May Apply
Traffic/Crowds: Medium**

Engagement Pictures At LACMA

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is mostly known for its light display, Urban Light. The 202 cast iron antique street lamps make a great backdrop for a night-time engagement session. LACMA is located in Downtown Los Angeles and nearby many other photo locations.

Best time to visit: All Year
Permit Fees: None
Travel Fees: Travel Fees May Apply
Traffic/Crowds: High***

Engagement Pictures In Orange County

This page is focused on Los Angeles County locations. For Orange County, Click Here.

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