Lin&Jirsa Lay Flat Flush Mount Album

We have sampled dozens of album and bookmakers before finding the perfect match for our studio. Like our photography, we prefer our albums to be timeless.

Our high-quality, hand-crafted flush mount album is our most popular album. Its seamless flush mounted pages allow for beautiful panoramic spreads of your favorite photos. Its sturdy build and premium design make it an album that is as durable as it is beautiful. This classic album is characterized by a center fold with no split/cut and a storybook layout design that evokes tradition and elegance. Canvas photo covers, custom embossing, foiling, and several beautiful cover options give this album a personal touch that our clients love and appreciate.

Lin&Jirsa Flush Mount Album Sizes

Our flush mount albums come in three sizes: 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12. An open spread lays out to a 2:1 ratio onto which full-spread photos fit beautifully without loss of image in cropping.

LinandJirsa Album Cover Materials

Our flush mount album covers can be made from leather or stain-proof linen and come in the following colors:


Leather Swatches


Linen Swatches


Cover Options & Page Style

PHOTO CUT OUT: Available in horizontal, vertical, and square orientations.

FOILING: Paint-like “foil” adhered within any embossing. Available in gold, silver, rose gold, and white.

CUSTOM EMBOSSING: This can include monograms, names, initials, and/or the date of your special day.


Fonts 1 Lin&Jirsa Flush Mount Album Seam

Our album spreads are characterized by a center fold with no cut/split in the seam. This is especially noticed when an image extends over the seam/fold.

Click here to read through our album-design philosophy as well as more information on how to order an album.