Why Wall Art Matters

Photos can get lost in today’s digital world, existing on social media, hard drives, and “in the cloud” but rarely seen and experienced by our loved ones. We believe that LIFE BELONGS IN PRINT, that our memories belong on the walls of our homes to provide moments of joy in our daily lives. These daily reminders help us create a happy, loving home, and a place where we establish roots for the next generation.

In line with the quality and creativity of our photography, we have curated a set of wall art options that match our clients’ high expectations for quality, durability, and uniqueness. We’ve also designed collections that enhance the creative presentation of the images to ensure that your artwork leave an impact on the viewer. See our options below.

Wall Art Collections

Whether you’re telling a story with a set of images or simply creating a compelling piece of artwork with a single image, we have options to maximize the impact of your display. The following are our favorite arrangements and sizes. However, the display possibilities are nearly endless, and we’d love to help you explore your ideas as well if you already have a vision for your design.

1 Large Rectangular Print – “THE ANSEL”

Oftentimes a singular large print is all you need to create beautiful artwork. Named after the father of epic landscape imagery, Ansel Adams, the Ansel is the perfect statement piece, best suited for epic environmental portraits. Our favorite medium for Ansel prints are acrylics and metals for their high impact color and contrast.

ansel wall art photography

Size 1 – Single 30×45
Size 2 – Single 30×50
Size 3 – Single 40×60
Size 4 – Single 40×80

3 Identical Rectangular Prints – “THE JACKSON”

Named after the man who directed some of the most epic trilogies of our time, Peter Jackson, the Jackson is designed to increase the visual impact of an environmental portrait. Our favorite medium for Jackson’s are acrylics and metals for their high impact color and contrast.

3 set wall art

Sizes 1 – 3x 24×36
Sizes 2 – 3x 20×30
Sizes 3 – 3x 30×50

1 Square Centerpiece and 4 Surrounding Rectangles – “THE JEREMY”

THE JEREMY. Named after the visionary artist and photographer, Jeremy Cowart, the Jeremy is the perfect expression for those who see the world differently. Our favorite medium for the Jeremy are metals for their high impact as the image is split across a puzzle -style layout.

wall art splits

Recommened Sizes – 1x 20×20, 3 10×31

4 Storytelling Squares – “THE STEVEN”

Named after one of the most famous directors and story-tellers of all time, Steven Spielberg, the Steven is a wall art collection designed to show the story, angles and details of a scene while maintaining a connection to the subjects within. This collection can be designed as a four or six-piece set. Our favorite mediums for the Steven are canvas and frames for their simple and timeless elegance as a family heirloom.

4 squares wall art

Sizes 1 – 4x 16×16
Sizes 2 – 4x 20×20

9 Storytelling Squares – “THE CAMERON”

Named after the man behind stunning visuals, James Cameron, the Cameron is designed to be a visually stunning collection of images that convey multiple elements of a story. Our favorite medium for Cameron’s are canvas and simple yet elegant frames that can allow the imagery to stand on their own feet.

9 squares wall art

Size 1 – 9x 12×12
Size 2 – 9x 20×20

5 Vertical Rectangles – “THE MICHAEL”

Named after the king of stylistic film making, Michael Bay, the Michael comes in a five-piece split that’s designed to maximize the visual impact of epic wide-format environmental portraits. Our favorite medium for Michael’s are acrylics and metals for their high impact color and contrast.

5 across wall art

Size 1 – 5x 20×30
Size 2 – 5x 30×50

Other Options

Every home is different, as is each client’s personal tastes. If you have particular cluster or split ideas, odd sized spaces, or any other needs, we can likely execute on your vision and needs.

Wall Art Material Options

Over a decade of experience printing images for clients has given us to opportunity to find the best printers in the US. Clients can expect durability, color accuracy, and an overall high quality in the prints that they receive. Below are the wall art material options that we currently offer.

Canvas Prints

canvas wall art

Our Canvas Prints display your photos like fine art. Made from prints on Professional Photo Papers bonded onto museum quality canvas, and stapled onto a wood artists stretcher bar frame.

Metal Prints

metal wall art
Metal Prints infuse dyes directly into coated aluminum sheets for an incredible, unique look. The colors and contrast “pop,” ideal for the vibrant Lin and Jirsa style and the detail and resolution are unsurpassed.

Acrylic Prints

acrylic wall art
Acrylic prints are the same as the Metal prints mentioned above, but they include an extra 1/4″ layer of acrylic. The acrylic adds to the durability, but the decision between Metal and Acrylic is ultimately a subjective one.

Anything Else

While the three options above are our recommendations, we have access to every major professional printer in the U.S. So if you’re looking for framed options or other materials, please let us know and we can provide you with more information.

Wall Art Pricing and Next Steps

If you have any custom requests or question, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We’d be glad to schedule a free consultation in our studio to walk you through our many options and help you design the perfect art for your walls. In fact, if you bring a picture of your wall at home, we can load it into our special software, which allows us to see what the different options and collections look like with your existing decor.

Ready to get started? For detailed pricing, please email [email protected]