Having a violinist at your wedding adds beauty and elegance to your special day. Not only is the sound of a violin beautiful, the musical romance it brings with it can set a romantic tone and create an atmosphere unlike any other. Hiring a talented violinist will draw attention to your wedding in the most pleasant way and provides guests with something to talk about during the reception. It’s also an added bonus if the musician knows some of your favorite songs, as they’ll be able to play them beautifully for you on your special day. A skilled violinist can provide an unforgettable experience that will make for wonderful wedding memories for years to come!

One of our favorite wedding violinists is Amy Serrano.  Read all about her in this vendor feature.

amy serrano wedding violinist amy serrano

About Amy Serrano

Born in Northern California, Amy Serrano Burcombe grew up in a musically talented house-hold. She started learning at 3 years of age and has been playing. the violin for over 28 years. Her studies consisted primarily of classical training with the Suzuki method. Every summer, she didn’t miss an opportunity to attend fiddle and bluegrass camps. Amy has played a wide range of music with genres spanning classical, pop, fiddle tunes, contemporary, and improvisation. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Masters in Business. Amy believes one should never stop learning, and continues to study through books, classes, courses, and with professionals.

Website: https://www.serranomusica.com/

Watch Amy Serrano Perform