Outfitting your bridesmaids is a fun way to bond with your girls and find a style that best suits you and their unique personalities. Here are some bridesmaid dress ideas that might help you decide on what your bridesmaids should wear on your special day:

  • To match or not to match – Bridesmaid outfits don’t necessarily have to be matching from head-to-toe. Take this opportunity to pick dresses that not only compliment your wedding dress but also caters to each individual bridesmaid’s’ body type and complexion. Experiment with different colors or perhaps play with different silhouettes so that even if you decide on a single color, each bridesmaid can find something fun and flattering for her. Even things as little as changing up the necklines and hemlines on your bridesmaid dresses can make all the difference!
  • Take some pressure off yourself –  Maybe choose a specific color or fabric you would like your bridesmaids to wear and have them pick their own dresses so that they may select a style that they know best suits their shape and preferences.
  • Picking silhouettes –  A nice thing to keep in mind in order to find the most flattering shape for all your bridesmaids is that A-line skirts and empire waists typically look great on all body types.
  • Wear different shades of color – If you decide to have your bridesmaids stick to a certain color, maybe spice things up a bit by having each bridesmaid wear a different hue of that color. This will help give a little bit of individuality to each of the girls all the while still going along with your central color scheme. For example, if you love the color blue for your wedding, have your bridesmaids find dresses in a sky blue, navy, cerulean, or periwinkle.
  • A fun little idea –  Try is having small pops of color or a little bit of shine added to your bridesmaid’s dresses. This can be either via jewelry or maybe a sequined or shinier fabric. Maybe even have their shoes a nice contrasting color to put a little spring in their step!
  • At the end of the day –  Regardless if you decide on matching your bridesmaid’s dresses or not, be sure to have at least one unifying element so that your bridal party will still remain cohesive with your own wedding dress and each other, be it the color, neckline, or fabric.

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