We offer the following types of book designs for engagement sessions.  Each of these books is printed on the same paper/finish with the same binding.  The only difference is the actual content/design of the book spreads. All books come standard with 20 images. Any added photos will be subject to an additional fee.

Engagement Session Sign-In Book

The engagement session sign-in book contains spreads with the following design format. The images are strategically  and deliberately placed to allow for space for your guests to write messages in and sign your book.

Engagement Session Interactive Book

The engagement session interactive book is exactly the same as the engagement session sign-in book (explained above) but with one key difference: it includes text/questions that you would like your guests to respond to.  These questions are entirely up to you and have the potential to lead to some very emotional and/or funny responses. Here are a few sample questions:

  •  “How many children should we have?

  • “What is your favorite memory of us as a couple?”

  • “Where should we celebrate our anniversary?”

  • “What’s a good way to spice up a relationship?”

Engagement Session Book

Engagement session books prioritize and highlight the images from your engagement session. These albums are designed to emphasize your relationship and best showcase your personalities.

Cover Options

The following are our available cover options for the 12×12 engagement/parent books:

Full Photo Panel

Leatherette Cover w/ Photo Cutout