Please enjoy these wedding photo teasers from Gabriela & Adam’s beautiful wedding day! Be sure to check out our blog for the full blog entry coming soon.

01-orange-county-wedding-photography 02-orange-county-wedding-photography 03-orange-county-wedding-photography 04-orange-county-wedding-photography 05-orange-county-wedding-photography 06-orange-county-wedding-photography 07-orange-county-wedding-photography 08-orange-county-wedding-photography 09-orange-county-wedding-photography 10-orange-county-wedding-photography 11-orange-county-wedding-photography 12-orange-county-wedding-photography 13-orange-county-wedding-photography 14-orange-county-wedding-photography

*We love to give all vendors proper credit for their beautiful work on each wedding. If for some reason we have missed any of the vendors, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to make sure full credit is given!