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About Orange Blossom Special Events

“No Stress. No fuss. Just a completely beautiful, completely you, celebration of love in bloom.”

Orange Blossom Special Events has been planning, designing, and producing gorgeous weddings all over Southern California for 10 years now! Their mission is to ensure a stress-free day for each of their couples. Having fun is the only thing that should be on a bride and groom’s mind!

Lin & Jirsa photographing a couple getting married in the foyer of the wedding venue: Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills

What Lin & Jirsa loves about working with Orange Blossom Special Events

We’ve had the opportunity to work with many vendors over the last few years and we can genuinely say Orange Blossom Special Events is one of the best in the industry! Their professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched! It’s awesome to see the relationship that has been built between the couple and their team. We always expect nothing but a perfect day when working with this fabulous team.

Lin and Jirsa photographing a Chinese wedding with Orange Blossom Special Events in front of the Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles, located at 2651 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

What Orange Blossom Special Events loves about working with Lin & Jirsa

“Lin and Jirsa’s entire team goes above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy and have the perfect day (and unforgettable memories captured from their wedding day). They are team players and we love working with them!”

A Chinese couple kissing and getting married with bubbles gently floating above, set against a green forest background

Orange Blossom Special Events Weddings

A photo of the stunning venue called Hummingbird's Nest with white chairs and a white wedding canopy in the background Pink tables with elegant brass chairs with a water fountain in the background, in front of the Greystone Mansion, located in Beverly Hills, California Beautiful red and pink carnation and rose flower bouquets on a rustic wooden table with silverware and bright pink cloth napkinsLos Angeles wedding venue: SmogShoppe decorated, according to Chinese wedding traditions with rich red, pink and white hues, set against a rustic earth background

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About Lin & Jirsa

Creative. Clean. Different. We are a group of creatives in Orange County with a passion for storytelling. Founded in 2007, our studio has been recognized as the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles and Orange County by various publications, websites, and groups. We’d love to show you our studio in Orange County, California and walk you through our albums, canvases and other print photography products. We can also provide more information on our Wedding Videography and introduce you to our team!