The philosophy behind our pricing is to be simple and straight-forward.   A number of factors helped us determine the right price for our services and products; and they include the following:

1) Style and Consistency – As you look through our work, you’ll see consistency in a style of photography and post production that is unique to our studio. To read more about our style, please click here.

2) Service – At any point in the process, before, during, and after the wedding, you’ll have two or more points of contact with our studio: the full-time studio manager as well as your lead photographer. Having two people to help you schedule your engagement sessions, plan your day, and answer any other questions,  ensure that we’ll always get back to you quickly and we’ll always be available.

2) Post Production – Having a full-time post production specialists and a part time post production specialists, trained in our unique and original style and working inside of the studio, ensures that our images are consistent and they are completed and delivered soon after the wedding. We post produce every image we deliver.

3) No Upsell – Our packages contain a varying amount of Albums, Sign in Books, Enlargements, and hours of coverage. However, in every package, we include the image download of full-resolution, fully-post produced JPEGS. We’re not here to upsell on products after the wedding or throw in hidden costs.

4) Equipment – We’re using top-of-the-line equipment as you can see here in our equipment listing. We’re not just showing up with a camera and a couple lenses, but instead, we’re equipped with the lighting equipment necessary to make the most out of any scene.

5) Backups – All images are backed up on site, taken into the studio and backed up twice and uploaded to an off site backup location.

6) Qualified Second Shooters – We’ve reviewed hundreds of applicants to find the right people for our studio. Besides looking through their portfolios and equipment listings, each of our second shooters go through extensive training with our studio, both on the job and with internal workshops. Most of our shooters have been with us for multiple years.

All of these factors have helped us determine our pricing.  Our average wedding photography package is between $6K and 8K; and our average Associate Photographer Package is around $4-6K. All packages can be customized to fit your needs.

For pricing details, please contact us through our contact page (click here) or call us directly at 949-287-2153

Note: You can save by packaging our services. For example, if you require wedding photography, wedding videography, slow motion photobooth, or standard photobooth, we can combine services for percentage discounts. Please ask our studio manager for details.