Quail Hill in Irvine is an idyllic portrait photography destination, offering an enchanting blend of nature’s tapestry within an easily reachable location. Just off the 5 and 405 freeways, this tranquil haven is a rare find, seldom crowded, thus providing a serene backdrop for photography sessions.

Quail Hill is one of the locations available for our half sessions. You can find out more about half sessions, or you can instantly book your quail hill session below.

Setting 1 – Greenery and Trees

The location has two distinct photographic settings. Firstly, there’s an area lush with vibrant green grass and dotted with trees, offering a sanctuary of shade. This spot is a canvas for creativity, ideal for composing shots with the interplay of soft, diffused light. It’s perfect for various portrait styles or thematic sessions like picnic setups.

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Setting 2 – Tall Grassy Fields

The second area features tall grass, which, depending on the season and rainfall, transitions between lush green and a golden hue. This creates a dynamic landscape, offering a contrast to the shaded greenery and adding versatility to your photo session.

quail hill
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As you can see, this location’s accessibility and diverse scenery make it an excellent choice for capturing memorable moments in a natural, relaxed setting.