What is a Mood Board

Instructions on Creating This Critical Tool for Communicating Your Style Preferences.

Creating personalized lifestyle photographs requires that you understand your couple’s personalities, likes, hobbies, etc. To help us get to know our couples and better understand their style, we like to get them to create a “mood board.”


So what is a mood board? A mood board is simply an idea or inspiration board on which couples display their favorite images. Couples add images to their mood board to visually communicate aspects of their style preferences. For example, they might love the angle or composition, the pose, the lighting, the post production or any other component of the photograph. Thus, we ask each client to write a short description underneath each photograph letting us know why they like the image.

We ask couples to compile their images onto a Pinterest board. You can pin images directly from our Pinterest, LJP Associates blog, and LJP Masters Blog. Clients can utilize our blog for more ideas or poses they would like to do on their special day just by typing keywords in the search box located in the upper right-hand corner.

Once the mood board is created we ask for you to send us the URL to the page via email. After reviewing the mood board, we will set up a conference call with you and your photographer to review the mood board together.

Another great use of your mood board is to also use it as a platform to pin all of your wedding day inspirations from your ideal wedding day portraits and poses to even bridesmaids dress ideas.

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To get started, you can either visit our blogs or simply start pinning from our Pinterest account below.

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Mood Board Videos

For more information on how to create a mood board please watch these two videos: