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Below you’ll see a few of our pre-2010 reviews. Since then, we’ve people have been reviewing us over on Yelp, WeddingWire and Google.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Marc and Bonnie – Fullerton Wedding Photography

We wanted to tell you that we’ve watched the slideshow a million times and we absolutely LOVE what you guys have done!!! There really are no words to express just how pleased we are with the three of you and the photos. We were watching an amateur video of the wedding and we saw you guys running all around the place, in the bushes, outside through the windows and stuff. Marc, our officiant, was like “Daaaaaang! Those guys were all over the place! I need to get some kind of event set up so I can get those guys out here and book them for something!!”

Mike & Julie Engagement Photography Testimonial

Mike and Julie – Orange County Engagement Photography

I can’t express how thrilled I am with Lin and Jirsa! I went through 400+ websites (no joke), 3 interviews and 4 bridal shows to find the perfect photographers. I cried when we had to move the wedding from CA to OH because I didn’t want to find a new photographer. They flew to OHIO in OCTOBER to photgraph our wedding. When you hire Justin, Max, Chris and the rest of the crew, you not only get absolutely stunning photos that capture every detail and emotion of your day, but you gain lifelong friends.

Angela and Theo – Palo Alto Wedding Photography

I know we’ve told you before but we really thought you were absolutely awesome. you scoped out Stanford beforehand, you showed up on time in the morning on the day of, you gave us great prompts for poses to do, you invested time in both couple and wedding party shots, you put up with our “Thanks” pose hehe, you worked the ENTIRE day which was reallllly long we know, you took the time and spaced out people’s faces for the formal group pictures at the ceremony which we appreciate a lot so no one’s faces were covered up, we noticed you took lots of pictures of people’s reactions!

Neha & Rajeev Wedding Photography Testimonial

Rajeev and Neha – San Diego Wedding Photography

The most amazingly friendly photographers who also have a great artistic eye. One of the best vendors to work with–took stress away from the whole day instead of adding to it… Thank you to all of you again for such wonderful work this weekend!! You guys are not just great photographers but so personable as well.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Matt and Susan – Redondo Beach Wedding Photography

Lin and Jirsa covered my daughter’s wedding, and all I have to say is, I AM SO JEALOUS! I wish these guys were around when I got married. A little bit about their service, they were amazing to work with and most importantly personable fun guys! They aren’t snooty like so many photographers we interviewed. Their work was beyond gorgeous, my daughter and son-in-law seemed so comfortable with Pye and Justin. Anyway, we love their work and we consider them part of the family! Thanks guys, your rock!!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Clint and Jessica – San Pedro Park Engagement Photography

Guys, I have no idea how you come up with these amazing and creative photo ideas, but WOW! These are the coolest pictures I have ever seen! I wanted engagement pictures that were different, creative, and showed our personalities and that is exactly what you guys delivered!!! It is so funny how every friend who sees these pictures asks me, “Cool pictures, who were your photographers?” Anyway, you guys are the best!

Linh and Andy – Saratoga Wedding Photography

Omg Chris, the pictures are amazing! I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for capturing the moments I missed.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Dan and Christine – Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding Photography

Exceptional Performance! Lin and Jirsa exceeded our expectations in photographing our wedding. From the engagement photo shoot, to the day of the wedding, to post production, the entire experience was nothing but class and professionalism. Even our wedding guests were commenting about what great guys the photographers were! The mix of photojournalistic and traditional expressions all took on a special place in our album. Thank you Pye and Team for providing us with lifetime memories of our special day!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Mark and Lindsay – Venice Beach Engagement Photography

We got the images, you guys are AMAZING!!! We have put every photo online onto our Facebook and Myspace pages and every one of our friends raves about how awesome our pictures are! We are so happy that we have found the perfect photographers for our wedding! Thanks guys!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Ryan and Ayu – Redondo Beach Wedding Photography

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!! We got back from our honeymoon on Monday and we are now trying to settle into “married life”. Thanks again for being a part of our special day… Ryan and I had a really fun time looking at them and reminiscing over the day(s). The pictures turned out soooo great!!! And wow…there are a TON of pictures!Thanks for all your hard work and help.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

James and Chris – San Clemente Wedding Photography

You guys did a great job at the event, and everyone we’ve spoken to kept saying what great guys you were. You have such great creativity and vivacity! I hope you both got enough to eat to keep that energy up =)

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Kirk and Denise – San Diego Wedding Photography

Pye.. all i can say is WOW!!! They are so amazing…My favorite is the one of Kirk and I with the light house behind us and all of the lush greenery!! So amazing!!… Thank you again!! We love the pics!!! You all are amazing.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Taymor and Sahar – Laguna Hills Wedding Photography

Wow!! Amazing work guys!… Payam jan you left us speechless and made me cry! It’s perfect!! Congratulations on your award for winning Orange County’s best photographer for 2009. Thank you!! Love Sahar and Taymor.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Sulmo and Anna – UCLA Engagement Photography

What’s up Justin and Pye! Thanks a ton for doing our portrait session. It is crazy how good you guys are with a camera. As you guys were posing us I kept thinking, I wonder what they are doing, and even said once, “this is kinda strange.” Then you guys showed me the back of your camera and I was like DANG! I don’t know how you guys can envision everything so well. I promise though, I will never doubt your vision again! haha. Anyway, you guys are amazing photographers and there is no doubt in my mind you will be big, REAL BIG!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Roberto and Paris – San Francisco Wedding Photography

We saw the pictures, and yes! They’re awesome! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I keep thinking, OMG THAT’S ME! AND MY HUSBAND! Fabulous!… We’ve reviewed and released the event, and the pics are awesome! Thank you so much!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Soheil and Nancy – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Wedding Photography

I feel like a Lin & Jirsa middle man. Our phones have been ringing like crazy with people asking about the pictures and photographers! Anyway thank you so much for all of your work I keep telling everyone how fun and professional you were, and i’m pretty sure you’re going to be our entire family’s photographers now :)… Oh and that joke video was hilarious you really know how to capture the essence of Lin and Jirsa! ;)
Thanks again!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Tom and Heather – Getty Museum Engagement Photography

These guys are fantastic! My wife and I wanted some family photos and we randomly found these guys. They were extremely professional and loads of fun! My wife and I felt like movie stars with all the attention they gave us. I was amazed when I got the photos back too. I’m not exactly what you’d call “photogenic” but these guys gave me a ton of pointers while shooting and my pictures looked AMAZING.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Dave and Laura – San Diego Wedding Photography

Thank you so much for doing a fabulous job at our wedding. We can’t wait to see the pictures… We love the pictures guys! It is so much fun to show them to everyone and see their expressions. Thanks again for everything!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Joshua and Tracey – Beverly Hills Wedding Photography

Working with Lin and Jirsa Photography was one of the best decisions I made in planning my wedding. They were one of the few vendors that actually removed a lot of the pressure and stress from my wedding day planning. They were so attentive and helpful throughout the entire process. Did I also forget to mention that my pictures were unbelievable! It made all of my girlfriends jealous, haha! I love you guys! good luck!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Alex and Rachel – Salt Lake City Wedding Photography

I’m sitting down to eat lunch for a few minutes (finally!), so I’m checking e-mails right now. I TOTALLY want an album, and I’m thrilled with what I saw already. I’m not really a sap, but it almost made me cry because I was so happy and thankful that I have quality images of the most quality choice I’ve ever made. We’re so impressed with your work, and you’ve been the highlight when we tell our friends about our wedding. Such quality!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Manny and Karen – Granada Hills Wedding Photography

Justin, I love all the pictures!! thank you so much!!!…I received the download, thank you! I love it!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Paul and Samantha – Hollywood Wedding Photography

Justin was our photographer, and he was so personable. He even got my mother to laugh in a few pictures (an amazing feat by any standards). After the wedding, our entire family gave him hugs. The pictures turned out amazing! He truly brought out the beauty in the bride; and the affection between my wife and me. We’re glad we went with the higher package, as we look at the album at least once a week; and we show the slideshow any time we have any visitors. Thanks Guys!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Atau and Lilly – Canton, China Wedding Photography

We had Pye fly out to China to shoot our wedding and we couldn’t have been happier. His personality and artistic vision was amazing and so different from every other wedding photographer in China. It has been so much fun sitting down and showing our friends our wedding pictures. Everyone is amazed at how unique and creative the pictures are. Oh, yeah, Pye also speaks perfect Cantonese and amazing Mandarin. Seriously, his Cantonese has no accent, we kept bothering him to come live in China and be a TV announcer, haha!

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Eric and Kris – Santa Ana Wedding Photography

I majored in film and photography so naturally I was very discriminate on who was going to shoot my engagement and wedding photos. After contacting multiple photographers via online and friends recommendations I quickly realized that Lin and Jirsa (Chris and Justin) were my number one choice. Pictures turned out great. Anyone can point and shoot but the distinguishing factor was the passion and care they had for my fiance and I. I am proud that Lin and Jirsa Photography was able to share this wonderful experience with us and would highly recommend their services.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Thomas and Jennifer – Beverly Hills Wedding Photography

My wife and I choose Lin and Jirsa as our wedding photographers after interviewing nearly 10 photographers. We could have saved so much time and hassle if we had just known about them sooner. They were fantastic. All three of them shot our wedding and I kept teasing them that they looked like little photography ninjas. Haha, they were perfectly silent moving around without being noticed, taking pictures from every angle. It took a little while to get the pictures, about 2 weeks, but when we saw them my wife just started crying. They were amazing, you guys blew us away. Great job guys.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Soteris and Jaime – Santa Barbara Wedding Photography

The pictures are awesome! You guys did a wonderful job, we are so happy with the job you did…Thank you again for helping make our special day one we will cherish.