Creative white balance is an intentional color shift in an image for creative purposes.  White balance is simply a camera setting, measured in a numerical value called Kelvin, that adjusts how colors are rendered in an image.  A lower number creates a blue (cold) image while a higher number creates an orange (warm) image.  In wedding photography, one of our favorite creative techniques is to intentionally shift the colors in one direction or another.  This concept applies to “blue hour photography,” where we intentionally shift the colors to capture more of the Twilight blues in the skies.  It also applies to wedding receptions and night photos, where we create a warm, dramatic, moody photo by shifting the colors in the other direction towards the warm end of the spectrum.  See some of our favorite examples below.

Important note:  We always start with a “regular” photo in each of these scenes with the “correct” white balance.  As photographers, it’s important to prioritize the intention of the couple and their wedding designers with photos that represent the intended colors, style and overall vibe.  After that is captured, then we move on to exploring these other creative options.

Creative White Balance in Wedding Photography Examples

lin jirsa indian wedding creative wedding photography JLL_2883 warm white balance lin jirsa wedding creative white balance lin jirsa wedding silhouette wedding photography moody white balance lin jirsa wedding white balance in wedding photography