Sparkler exits are a grand, exciting way for wedding guests to send a newly wedded couple off on their journey together.  With adrenaline lingering from the dance floor, the sparkler exit ends the night on a high note.  In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite sparkler exit examples and give you some bonus tips if you’re interested in adding this to your wedding reception.

Sparkler Exits | Examples and Inspiration

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Sparker Exit Tips

  • Research your venue rules – Some venues do not allow sparkers, and some require an additional fee.
  • Prioritize safety – Be sure to have buckets of water available and ensure that nothing flammable is nearby.  If your venue is in a fire-prone area, then consider other wedding exit options.
  • Have multiple people lighting the sparkers – The lighting process can take some time, and if you don’t have enough people helping with the process, the exit can be delayed significantly, with some sparklers burning out before they are all lit.  Delays can decrease the excitement of the event and the timing of your evening.
  • Get large, high quality sparkers – Small sparklers burn out too fast!
  • Consider the cons of “wedding exits” in general – A wedding exit signals the end of the party, so make sure this is in line with your wedding expectations.  If you’re looking to party late into the night, for example, then this might not be a best idea for your wedding.  We do not recommending interrupting the wedding reception for a sparker exit because the flow of the dance floor can be difficult to get going again and some guests will depart after the exit.
  • Take your time – As with any wedding moment, take your time and enjoy it, make eye contact with your guests, consider a dip or kiss in the middle of the lane, etc.  Moving slowly also ensures that your photographers and videographers capture all of the action.