One of our favorite things about photography is capturing and manipulating light for creative and interesting results. And one of our favorite techniques for doing this is called the “shutter drag” or “long exposure photography.”  We use these techniques as part of our creative toolkit for many situations, like panning with moving subjects, capturing motion in waves, and more.  We’ll feature these in future articles, but for this particular article, we want to showcase long exposure photography when applied to capturing streaks of light.

Whether we’re capturing lights from moving cars or creating our own light streaks by hand, we’re always on the lookout for these creative opportunities.  See some of our favorites below, and be sure to let your photographer know if you’re interested in capturing these types of images for your engagement session or wedding day!

Shutter Drags and Light Streaks Examples

Shutter Drag Couple long exposure light streaks


Shutter Drag Atlantawhip pan long exposure long exposure shutter drag0109 HM San Clemente Mansion Engagement Photography Shutter Drag Pasea Huntington Beach dance floor camera twist 48-olowalu-plantation-lahaina-wedding-maui shutter drag light streaks wedding