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Why Lin and Jirsa loves working with Cause We Can Events

We always enjoy working with this team! Gabby and her team consistently deliver perfectly managed days, despite the unexpected challenges that come with wedding days. As if that weren’t enough, the team is talented, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working many more events together in the coming years!

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Why Cause We Can Events loves working with Lin and Jirsa

“I like how professional and friendly the team is before, during, and after the wedding day. We also love getting sneak peeks from them!”

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Q & A with Cause We Can Events

What is your company’s story? What got you into the industry?

I started this company in 2012 in the hopes of producing events for causes; see where the name came from? I worked for a few non-profits, planned some yoga festivals and wonderful dinner galas, but I kept feeling myself being pulled more toward weddings. I loved the idea of being in nature and celebrating love under the stars. This is where I started specializing in adventurous, outdoor, destination weddings for couples who love to travel, wander and get inspired by nature. But don’t worry, we still get involved with non-profits as much as we can, donating after every event.

Describe your ideal client.

Our ideal client would likely be 1) Adventurous and willing to get their hands dirty; 2) Obsessed with fun, but are also decisive and responsible; 3) Open and willing to try new things; 4) Eager to create a memorable experience, but aren’t stuck on the details; 5) Not trying to top other weddings, but wanting the event to be personal, memorable and unique to their identities; 6) Understand the value of including professional vendors to ensure their event runs smoothly and safely.

What is your favorite venue, and why?

Under Canvas properties is one of our favorite venues because they combine both the great outdoors and luxurious accommodations. Guests can rent out the venue for the whole weekend and have a glamping wedding experience with their friends and family!

Past Weddings with Cause We Can Events

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