Persian Wedding Traditions

The perfect blend of culture and modernity, a traditional Persian wedding reflects harmony and prosperity for a budding romance. Aspects of the Aroosi (a traditional Persian wedding) vary from region to region and have different traditions. More traditional pre-wedding rituals include a Baleh Boran (a formal proposal ceremony) and others a Hana Bandan (henna night). However, the ceremony remains tied to ancient roots and is virtually the same from generation to generation. Couples can seamlessly blend the tradition into their ceremony regardless of religious or Western influence.

From the Khastegaree (courting and proposal) to the Mehmooni (reception party), there are various elements that make a traditional Persian wedding ceremony unique. At Lin & Jirsa, we understand the importance of each of these elements and appreciate that our Aroos (bride) and Damad (groom) have invited us to be a part of a momentous occasion.

The Importance of the Persian Wedding Tradition

The Aroosi lends itself to effortlessly blend with Western traditions because it is comprised of two parts: Aghd (the wedding ceremony) and Mehmoonee (the wedding reception). A joyous and intimate celebration, the Aghd illustrates the blending of two families through the exchanging of the vows, wedding rings and sharing of the Sofreh Aghd elements. Easily, the most prominent and perhaps the most important element of the Persian wedding tradition, the Sofreh Aghd (wedding ceremony table spread) compiles several symbolic elements. See more Sofreh Aghd details here.

Aroos Detail Photos

From the Sofreh to the reception, we know you have spent time hand selecting every detail of the wedding, including your own bridal details.  One of the first things we do when we arrive is photograph the wedding shoes, outfits, jewelry, and bouquet. Choosing simple yet interesting backgrounds, we strive to showcase the wedding accessories.

Persian Wedding Ceremony

Understanding the importance of each element ensures we capture the memories our Aroos and Damad look for. Because we have immersed ourselves with the Persian culture, we strive to highlight pivotal moments of the couple and the ceremony. From interacting with the Sofreh Aghd to showering the couple with Noghl (sugared almond pieces).

Sofreh Aghd Detail Pictures

You have spent months planning and prepping for your wedding and once you see your wedding ceremony site in person, it will be full of your guests. We capture these details in their unaltered state so that you can look back and see all of the wonderful and symbolic details of your ceremony. From the sugar cones to the honey to the reflection in the mirror to the first kiss, at Lin & Jirsa we are mindful of the various cultural nuances that make the traditional Persian wedding uniquely yours.

Persian Wedding Reception Photography

The intimate ceremony is typically followed by a grand party – the Jashn e Aroosi. The Jashn e Aroosi (Persian wedding reception) carries the same theme and ambiance as the Aghd and the perfect time for the newlyweds to celebrate with their family. Similar to the Aghd, the reception reflects harmony and prosperity through the intricate details and we like to arrive before guests to take detailed photos of the room completely empty. Using our lighting techniques, we strive to capture the ambiance and mood of the reception.

Mehmooni Details Pictures

As guests trickle into the wedding reception, we look for journalistic moments that will capture the essence of the party and anticipate all of the exciting moments. For example, when the Aroos and Damad cut the cake, we keep an eye out for someone who may spontaneously steal the knife. The battle over the knife provides the perfect opportunity to capture candid smiles and reactions.

After the cake is served, we anticipate the first dance and capture guests as they join in a Persian tradition of showering the newlyweds with rose petals. These elements make the entire Aroosi uniquely yours and we strive to tell the story of the reception through the camera lens. Below are some great wedding reception moments:

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