Nestled in the middle of towering redwood trees and meticulously landscaped gardens, the light sparkles from the glass roof of Wayfarer’s Chapel. Designed by Lloyd Wright, son of the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the breathtaking glass chapel sits atop a high bluff with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean on the Palos Verdes peninsula. You’ll feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city as you drive up the hill and into a forest sanctuary.

What We Love About Wayfarers Chapel

Located on 3.5 acres of lush green lawns, Wayfarers Chapel is a picture-perfect site with its elegant glass structure as the centerpiece of this gorgeous venue. Walled in glass and supported by aged redwood timbers, the building blends in seamlessly with its natural environment. The sun glistens into the chapel onto the stone waterfall at the altar of which the Lord’s Prayer is etched. Both serene and spectacular, the views from the chapel and its grounds is nothing short of incredible. There’s no need for additional adornments  or flower arrangements inside of the chapel as the decor itself has emphasized its surrounding natural environment. For evening weddings, the chapel is lit by candlelight for an even more ethereal feel, and after each celebration, the carillon bells ring from the Hallelujah Tower, adding to the joyous celebration. Designed as a respite for the wayfarer’s in the journey of life, the Wayfarer’s chapel’s stunning beauty is an ideal location for your dream wedding.

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Your Ceremony at Wayfarers Chapel

Wayfarers Chapel hosts 800 weddings annually, which amounts to 2.2 weddings per day, every day of the year. 300 of these weddings are for couples who’ve traveled all the way from Japan to tie the knot in this iconic church. The location’s popularity is understandable–there’s no other place like this Swedenborgian chapel in the world. Lloyd Wright said that his vision for this chapel was to “achieve a delicate enclosure that allows the surrounding landscape to define the sacred space.” To tie the knot in this glorious, historic shrine to the redwoods, this masterpiece of architecture, this homage to California’s majestic flora, is an experience never to be rivaled in a lifetime.

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With only a visitors center and bell tower on site in addition to the structure, Wayfarers Chapel stands unencumbered by other distractions from its otherworldly beauty. This means that you’ll need to choose other locations for wedding prep, cocktails, and your reception. But guests will be delighted to take the trip to this transcendent spot to watch you say your vows in a delicate work of art in a shroud of California’s mightiest trees.

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Photography at Wayfarers Chapel

This venue allows your contracted photographer to capture your wedding ceremony from the back of the chapel. They also allow you a videographer to use a single camera, also at the chapel’s rear. This is the perfect place to photograph the bride and groom, as well as the majesty of the chapel.

There are also some beautiful photo ops on the grounds of the chapel. The Palos Verdes chapel sits overlooking a piece of the Pacific coastline known as the Portuguese Bend, allowing for majestic views of the ocean, the redwood-enclosed cathedral, and the surrounding gardens.

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At Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography, we would be honored to document your ceremony in this unmatched location. Click here to learn why it’s beneficial to choose one company to meet both your photography and videography needs.



Q-How much time are we allowed for our wedding ceremony?

A-Wayfarers Chapel allows you a two-hour window to use the chapel and grounds, one hour prior to the ceremony and one hour for the ceremony itself. Photographs can be taken during this two-hour window.

Q-What music can we use at our ceremony?

A-This venue includes the Chapel Musician in your wedding package. He or she will play on the chapel’s clavinova keyboard, which can sound like a variety of instruments. You can choose from the chapel’s list of approved music. Or you can bring in your own musicians, but the 28-by-27-foot chapel can’t hold more than a trio, and no amplified music is permitted.

Q-Who will officiate at our ceremony?

Ministers of the Chapel officiate at all weddings at Wayfarers Chapel. The Swedenborgian ceremony is about 20 minutes long, but with the chapel’s approval, you may also bring in your own minister, priest, or rabbi to participate in your ceremony in a meaningful way, such as by reading from a religious text.

Wayfarers Chapel is located at 5755 Palos Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275.

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